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Instructor's packages

Details of the commission packages and how they work


Instructors FAQs

Q. Are there any fees to join the National Learner Driver introducer scheme?
A. No, it’s free to join the introducer scheme.

Q. How do pupils get the NLDI discount?
A. Pupils will need to input your schools NLDI Code when purchasing the policy to receive the discounted rate and for you to receive the commission.

Q. What commission rates will I receive?
A. We offer two commission packages. These can be viewed during the sign up process at www.nldinsurance.com

Q. Do I get paid additional commission if my pupil renews?
A. Yes, if you select option A. This option enables you to receive additional income on all renewals.

Q. When do I receive my commission?
A. Any fees due to you will be paid within 28 days following the end of each month. The payment will be paid on all policy’s that have been on cover for 14 days or longer.

Q. How can I check how many sales I have made?
A. You can log into your schools account on the National Learner Driver website. You will be able to view live updates of all sales your pupils have made using your NLDI code or from any sales made from links attached to your website.

Q. How do I receive payment?
A. Payment will be sent by BACs transfer direct to the bank account you registered when signing up for NLDI.

Q. Will I have any commission claw back if a policy is cancelled?
A. No, all payments are made after any regulated cooling off period, which is currently 14 days.

Q. What happens if my school has several instructors?
A. There is no limit to the number of instructors you can add to the program, they can have their own account and be paid commission separately by having their own code. Or can be linked to the main school account if commissions are being shared equally.

Q. Can I update my details after I join?
A. Yes, any account and personal details can be changed at any time.

Q. Will you provide free marketing material?
A. Yes, you will receive marketing material to hand out to your pupils. You will also be able to print a (ink friendly) leaflet at any time.

Q. What do I do if I need more marketing material?
A. When you are running low on marketing material, please email us at Katie@coveredinsurance.com

Q. Can I use my own material to market the insurance?
A. No, this is a regulated product and we must approve all sales material.

Q. As this is a regulated product what can I say and pass on to the pupils?
A. You can only hand out leaflets and other material we provide, this will offer information on the National Learner Driver insurance policy. You cannot offer any advice on the product. You can direct pupils towards the NLDI site and call centre.

Please read the following Do’s and Don’ts regarding introducing this insurance policy to your pupils:

DO: -
  • Hand out agreed marketing material to your pupils relating to the policy;
  • Direct pupils towards the National Learner Driver Insurance helpline 0345 519 8910 who will be happy to deal with any customers’ enquires.

  • Advise your pupils in any way on the cover the policy may offer, or comment on the policy or the covers it offers;
  • Make comparisons on similar products;
  • Make recommendations or comment on the policy;
  • Pass on any marketing material that has not been approved by National Learner Driver Insurance or its representatives to your pupils;
  • Make statements regarding the policy or product provided, for example “This is a good policy and will cover all your needs”;
  • Take payment for insurance from the customer;
  • Assist customers in completing application forms;
  • Offer advice to pupils who wish to make a claim on their insurance;
  • Contact National Learner Driver Insurance on behalf of pupils;
  • Admit liability for any claims arising under the Insurance;
  • Hold yourself out as being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of the sale of general insurance products.

Q. Is the NLDI policy available through other distribution channels?
A. No, the National Learner Driver Insurance rates and 14-day policy are only available through registered driving instructors.

Q. How do i contact you?
A. you can use our contact form at instructors.nldinsurance.com/contact or call our number 020 8123 5270