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National Learner Driver Insurance

As you know learner drivers need to practise the skills instructors have passed on to them. One option is for them to purchase a National Learner Driver Insurance policy. The policy allows learners to drive a friend’s or a family members car and gain the private practise suggested by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

As you are the professionals in this sector, we believe you should be able to introduce your pupils to an exclusive learner driver insurance policy. A policy that not only offers the insurance protection learners require, but also rewards them for taking a structured approach to learning to drive.

Through National Learner Driver Insurance you will be able to introduce your pupils to a unique policy that offers exclusive rates that are only available through driving instructors. You will receive commission if the pupil you have introduced buys a policy.

We believe that learners should always receive several hours of tuition from qualified instructors before practicing on the road with a non-qualified supervisor. Also the learner’s instructors are best positioned to know when a pupil is ready to participate in a practise session with a non-qualified supervisor. For these reasons Covered Insurance Services and our underwriters have developed National Learner Driver Insurance. The policy only rewards those learners that have followed the recommended process to passing the practical driving test and are receiving tuition from professional driving instructors. As a professional driving instructor you will be able to introduce pupils to a learner driver insurance policy and the exclusive terms and reduced premiums. Pupils will only be able to receive these exclusive terms and prices if they enter a code supplied by you on the National Learner Driver site.

The NLDI policy

The policy has exclusive terms including a 14 day option and the rates are possibly the most competitive in this sector.

The policy will allow learner drivers to practise the important skills you have passed on to them, helping them to become better, safer, and more experienced drivers. Subject to being accepted learner drivers will be able to practise in a family members or a friends car without the usual high excess and the costly premiums.

Instructors will have two commission options; you can be paid commission on every sale and all renewals or a higher one off payment on the initial policy purchase only.

Helping Instructors

We also want to help you attract more pupils. Our sister site Covered Learner Driver Insurance receives thousands of visitors each week. These visitors are your target audience; learner drivers. The Covered site will have a new addition, a ‘Find A Driving Instructor’ directory. This marketing facility will be available free of charge to all instructors who sign up to National Learner Driver Insurance. Instructors, their schools details, location and contact information will be made available to all learners who visit the Covered site. Learners will simply enter their postcode and driving schools in that area will appear showing contact details, website and additional services provided. We are sure this will help generate business to our instructor partners.

The benefits of working with National Learner Driver Insurance and what we will provide for you

  • Access to National Learner Driver Insurance. A product only available through Driving Instructors.
  • We will provide you with, free of charge, marketing literature to hand out to your pupils.
  • You will be able to add your unique code to marketing material and your pupil will simply insert this on National Learner Driver Insurance site to receive the discounted rate and allocate you the commission.
  • We offer you two commission plans.
  • You will be able to offer pupils exclusive rates and terms including a special 14 day rate.

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